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As a General Contractor, Construction Management, and Design-Build construction company, W. K. Thomas & Associates offers proven experience and knowledge in all phases and types of construction. We offer a variety of construction services and delivery methods to accommodate any size and type of project you may need. We strive to assist clients early in their project’s development to provide them with the information they need to make well informed decisions when choosing how their project will be planned, designed, constructed, and budgeted. Our complete construction planning and management capabilities offer clients more than just quality construction services delivered on time and on budget, we offer peace of mind.

Every job and client is different and therefore our delivery methods and construction services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. You choose the delivery method and the amount of services that suit your level of risk, involvement, and budget.

Take a look through our menu of construction services and learn more about our capabilities and how W. K. Thomas & Associates can assist you in your important project. When you have questions about your commercial building project, you can rely on us for answers you can trust and construction services on which you can rely.


A pre-construction service consultation allows us to discover your building needs and objectives early and offer you solutions and options based on our decades of commercial construction management. We will provide answers to all of your questions and concerns so that you can make informed decisions when choosing how you want your building project to be designed, constructed, and budgeted. A pre-construction service plan provides a road map for reaching your specific building goals and objectives.

Design-Build Construction

You have enough to worry about running your day-to-day operations. Design-Build Construction offers a single-point of responsibility for your entire project making the process simple, easy to understand and stress free. Unlike traditional “design-bid-select-build” contracts the Design-Build delivery method takes advantage of integrating the design, construction, quality, cost, and schedule together under one contract. Planners, architects, engineers, and contractors work together as a team to maximize the design and functionality of your project while maintaining budget and schedule concerns. Advantages include enhanced “value-engineering” and pre-construction reviews, early knowledge of guaranteed costs, accelerated delivery, increased quality control, lower design and engineering fees, reduced owner risk and administrative responsibilities. Design-Build delivers savings that traditional methods just can’t beat.

General Contracting

W. K. Thomas & Associates offers general contracting services to accommodate any phase of your project. From pre-construction services through the designing, planning, construction, interior finishing, roofing, and even the landscaping of your project, we can deliver the general contracting services you need on-time and on-budget.

Butler Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Since 1901, Butler Manufacturing™ has produced superior pre-engineered steel building systems that offer virtually unlimited design options, fast assembly and long-term performance. Butler Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings provide a building system to meet a variety of construction needs. Whether you need a basic pre-engineered steel building, a retrofit roof, a complex facility, or one requiring vast open spaces, Butler Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings are a fast, easy, and environmentally friendly solution for your commercial building project. Butler Manufacturing™ is a member of the Metal Building Manufacturers Association and the U.S. Green Building Council.

Construction Management

When large projects require multi-phase or complex scheduling with specialty subcontractors, W. K. Thomas & Associates offers one-source management to coordinate every aspect and detail of your project for you. In a Construction Management Agreement we act as your agent and administer the work on your behalf. This agreement allows you to contract directly with the subcontractors which has the potential to save you money but exposes you to risk. Construction Management Agreements can also be written with lowered risk, depending on your desired scope of service. In these agreements, called At-Risk Agreements, the construction manager contracts directly with all construction contractors and assumes the risk for delivering the project. We assist you in the development of an agreement that focuses on achieving your goals and objectives. In fact, our management fee is often recuperated in the amount of time and money we can save you over the course of your project.

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